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Do You Ever Work-In?

So you have been diligent with your fitness and exercise for a while now, and everyone, including yourself, is starting to notice. “Wow, you look great! You are obviously ‘work-out’ ”… but this is only one side of the health and wellness package. What if we placed just as much value into ‘working-in’ as we did ‘working-out’?  Yes, we talk about a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Still, it also works in reverse. A healthy mind is essential in maintaining a healthy body, including reducing stress, tension, and aiding in sleep.

Don’t get me wrong; we’re not reinventing the wheel here, and in this day and age, we are more aware of the benefits of mental health and de-stressing than we’ve ever been. But there still is a bit of a stigma behind working on your mental health and stress management daily with people perceiving that you either have to be a yogi master to do so or have more outstanding underlying issues.

So my question to you is, “Do you ever work-in”?.

Working-in consists of any activity where you are letting yourself switch off from the world’s stresses and purposely investing back in yourself in a rejuvenating way whether this is mentally or physically. 

The positives of a practice that includes an inward-focused practice are endless. Working – In reducing stress and anxiety, relieving causes of neuromuscular tension, syncing you to natural sleep rhythms, rebalancing your stress hormones like Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine. The rebalance of your adrenal, physical and psychological systems reduce the impact of conditions like anxiety, depression, digestive problems, Headaches, Heart disease, and sleep problems on your body and life.

When your mind is free from stress, you can think clearly and make decisions that are more attuned to your personal goals. Your metabolism works better, you crave sugarless, and you will probably find more time for the things you love to do.

 I invite you to join me in a short mindfulness session to reset your body. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed – outside on the grass is a nice place to start, or somewhere inside away from the distractions of mobile phones and tv. 


Find your Zen Man
Expose yourself to something that helps you switch off for the external distractions of the world. If meditation is not your kind of thing, try a relaxing massage, pick up a musical instrument, go to a yoga or Pilates class or even doing a float tank session.

Tune in
Add mindfulness sessions to your week – which could be as simple as a body scan exercise like the one featured in the video above. Mindfulness can be taking notice of how your food tastes – paying attention to what you are doing anyhow you are doing it grounds you in the present moment; it strengthens your ability to concentrate and helps you relax. 

*Mindful eating means no distractions of any kind – including TV, mobile phones or music, just you and the food.

Laugh and Be Merry
Laugh! It’s that simple! Go to a comedy gig, hang out with those funny people in your life and most importantly have a relationship with your sense of humour.

Hug a tree
Get out in nature. The Earths surface has a negative electric charge. When it comes in contact with human tissue, it equalises the electric charge in our body, (think of static electricity). 

Go and have a walk on the grass or the beach and take your shoes off, this will help remove that wired feeling that you get. Doesn’t sound so hippy now does it?

*Please note these exercises and tips are general in nature if you are experiencing pain, or any adverse symptoms contact a medical or allied health professional

I hope you have enjoyed the information that I have shared with you in this blog and that you can use this to start taking back your physicality and wellbeing bit by bit, and not giving it all to the demands of modern society.

Guest Contributor: Benjamin Rashleigh
Business Name: Aligned for Life Pilates
Publisher: Digital Schools

About: Ben is a Pilates instructor and Teacher-Trainer for the National Institute of Pilates. He is the co-owner of Aligned for Life Pilates in Melbourne and supports the essential training and professional development for dancers and athletes in Australia. Ben is a full-time teacher at his studio in Melbourne City, (Little Bourke Street) where he teaches clinical Pilates to private clients and small groups during the week.


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