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How to Make a Positive Transition When Finishing Secondary School

In this video, Amba Brown sits down with Richard Mills from Digital Schools and talks about ways you can best support your child to make a positive transition into primary school out of secondary school

Finishing High School: Tips

Positive Transitioning

Positive Transitioning is implementing ways to best prepare individuals to navigate new beginnings. We do this by preparing them emotionally, practically and socially for their specific transition. 

Here we discuss Positive Transitioning as a holistic framework, for supporting students during their school transitions; starting school, starting secondary school and finishing school. 

Supporting the Finishing School Transition 

Finishing school today is commonly paired with student anxiety around their decision on next steps. 

Here we explore how students can best navigate these various options and unknowns. We also cover a new framework from Amba’s TEDx Talk ‘How to Find Your Path After School’ that students can apply when struggling with their decision and tips parents can use to support them. 

Overview of the Finding Your Path Book Series

Designed to make self-help books fun and engaging for youth. 

Amba shares a brief summary of each book. More information and resources at

Guest Contributor: Amba Brown (with Richard Mills from Digital Schools)
Business Name: The Finding Your Path Project
Publisher: Digital Schools

Amba Brown is a Positive Psychology author and creator of the Finding Your Path Project, a book series to support youth school transitions; starting school, starting high school and finishing school. 

Amba has been featured on a large number of mainstream platforms including the ABC, TEDx and the Huffington Post. Her work is recommended by a host of professionals from children’s psychologists through to the CEO of the Australian department of Education.  

More information and resources at


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