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Mysterious Undertakings of The Miraculous - Part 3

Imagine how uninteresting our lives would be without mini-beasts and butterflies.
Gardens would be without curiosities, discoveries would be limited to the obvious, and the magical world of colour and flowers – curated by the miraculous – would be non-existent.

Bugs & Winged Beasties are Misunderstood.

Bugs and winged beasties might not always be the most loveable looking critters, but love them or hate them, they run the world. Humans have a very mixed-up understanding of our place on the earth, and because of this, we continue to make terrible mistakes that jeopardise our lives and all life on the planet.

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A Gift from the Heavens.

Like butterflies – many insects and bugs are hundreds of millions of years old – they pre-date mammals and existed alongside the dinosaurs. Moths and Butterflies have participated in curating the living planet for more than 200 million years; since the first flower appeared, so have the bees and moths.

That is probably why the Ancient Egyptians regarded the bee as a gift from god. Bees and pollinators paved the way for the evolution of humankind.

Don't Forget About Us.

We are inevitably and undeniably linked to the lives of all living beings, plants, planets and elements in the universe. Still, the fundamental connection between the insect world and our lives is essential.

All life here on our home planet is necessary to keep balance; not one living being should be taken from its place. And with that, the butterflies and I encourage you to stay curious and connected to the living world we share – and don’t forget how miraculous life is in all its forms.

The End.

Guest Contributor: Emily Rack
Business Name: Horatio’s Jar
Publisher: Digital Schools

Emily Rack is a  freelance creative writer and researcher, visual content creator, and designer. She is the head of the content production, publication – and editing for Upschool+ Guest Contributors -, and Horatio’s Jar is her content production agency and wellbeing school. 

 Emily has dedicated her life to researching and understanding matters of the mind, body-, and the human experience. Her discoveries and research are focused on cultivating tools and dialogue that encourage us to live in peace and harmony here on earth.

Her current focus is the environment and human connectivity, conservation, environmentalism, botany, biology-, and the practice of ‘Nature Bathing’.  Emily is a writer, digital content creator, seasoned photographer-, and visual artist.


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