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The Year Earth Changed

The worldwide lockdown created a unique space for animals, and nature to rehabilitate, communicate, migrate and breed undisturbed by humans. For the first time in 30 years, the skies over India were clear enough, you could see the Himalayas and in places where tourists swarmed year-round, turtles returned and successfully bred their young.

This unique documentary, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, catalogues footage captured during the lockdowns of 2020. The footage reveals how wild animals ventured into man-made environments to find food, shelter and build new homes.

The unique experience of a silent world aided the rehabilitation of the living planet and its wonders.

Without traffic, street noise, construction or aviation, the world was quiet, and we could finally listen.

Now life is returning to normal – the standard noisy, loud, grinding type – and we all have noticed it. Once silent streets, now throb with traffic scheduled to the daily grind of 9- 5.  Sirens fire up and down the main veins of the city all day and night. And the clatter of industry breaks the early dawn with clanging and hammers.

The return to ‘normal’ in the city of Melbourne is the return of traffic, sirens, parties and noisy neighbours. With our “new normal”, can we find balance in a world so out of sync with the natural way of life?.

Let’s find out!

Follow me over the next few weeks as I share what the experts have to say, and what I know has worked for me – when it comes to finding peace, wonderment, quiet and joy amidst the world that seems to never sleep.

Guest Contributor: Emily Rack
Business Name: Horatio’s Jar
Publisher: Digital Schools

Emily Rack is a  freelance creative writer and researcher, visual content creator, and designer. She is the head of the content production, publication – and editing for Upschool+ Guest Contributors -, and Horatio’s Jar is her content production agency and wellbeing school. 

 Emily has dedicated her life to researching and understanding matters of the mind, body-, and the human experience. Her discoveries and research are focused on cultivating tools and dialogue that encourage us to live in peace and harmony here on earth.

Her current focus is the environment and human connectivity, conservation, environmentalism, plant medicine, botany, biology-, and the practice of ‘Nature Bathing’.  Emily is a writer, digital content creator, seasoned photographer-, and visual artist.


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