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Art Therapy - A medium for relaxation and mindfulness

Art Therapy, as the name implies, is a form of analytical therapy where a person uses art and creative tools to learn more about their emotions and inner world.

Art therapy has been around a pretty long time and was part of the infamous Jungian Analytical Therapy tool – kit, which also included some other interesting and revolutionary ways of probing the psyche of an individual.

Art therapy, since its inception in 1940, has proven to be useful and effective in support of treatment for psychiatric illness such as PTSD, anxiety and depression in children and adults. 

Art making for wellbeing is known to reduce stress and decrease stress-related illnesses and help individuals suffering from mental, emotional and physical trauma integrate and transcend suffering.

Creative therapy has the potential to change the way the brain functions by creating new neural pathways as both sides of the brain are engaged in imaginative play. From this, the brain rewires itself as new ways of solving problems are discovered. The creative process reshapes the mind, one’s behaviour and in turn, changes lives

Colour Your Mandala - Mindfulness Activity

Mandala art is a tool for relaxation and mindfulness. Clinicians and therapists utilise the entrancing and relaxing method of pattern making and colouring to help patients to relax into the present moment.

Colouring a mandala or creating your own is both relaxing and fun and anyone can try it all you need are some coloured pencils, crayons and markers. Explore mandala art in a place that is peaceful and quiet; you could choose relaxing music while making your own and discover which colours are the most attractive to you.

Download and print your activity here!.

Guest Contributor: Emily Rack
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Emily Rack is a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, freelance writer and visual content creator. She incorporates a unique creative flair into her yoga and meditation classes, courses and workshops. Emily hosts events and classes in schools and the wider community she is passionate about teaching the art of mindfulness.


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